Can Karen Fann be held accountable for tax payer losses?

Updated: Jul 27

There is some interest in determining if Karen Fann can be held directly and personally responsible for Cyber Ninjas audit.

Administrative Code:

R2-20-312. Use of State Property A Commissioner or employee shall not directly or indirectly use, or allow the use of, state property of any kind, including property leased to the state, for other than officially approved activities. Commissioners and employees have a positive duty to protect and conserve state property including equipment, supplies, and other property entrusted or issued to him or her. Historical Note New Section made by exempt rulemaking at 8 A.A.R. 588, effective November 27, 2001 (Supp. 02-1).

In addition, she can be held in contempt of court for refusing to turn over documentation which could prove her personal culpability.

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Pictured Karen Fann laughing

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