Questions you may have

Q:  I'm a republican and have heard that the liberals want to "reverse" the second amendment.  I don't want anyone to take my guns.  Can I have some assurance that this will not happen if Thomas is elected to Arizona State Senate?

A:  When the second amendment was penned- automatic weapons did not exist.  As technology evolves- laws often evolve as well.  There were no speed limits- commanding people to remain under 60 miles per hour- in the 1800's.  There were no rules banning people from "Texting While Driving" in the 1980's.  Cars have become bigger, more powerful, and deadlier.  Just as laws surrounding transportation have changed, laws surrounding guns need to change.  As an Arizona State Senator- I am not going to categorically "take away your guns."  

Q: I'm a republican and strongly opposed Roe v Wade.  I do not support "killing babies."  How can I vote for an Arizona State Senate candidate who promotes this?

A:  Nobody supports "killing babies."  There are many reasons for early termination of pregnancy.  The fetus may be developing in a woman's fallopian tube, for instance.  This presents an immediate danger to the pregnant female.  And- the fetus will never become a baby- regardless of whether an attempt to carry the pregnancy to term is made.  Laws do not address every potential situation that may occur in a pregnant female.  Certain discussions should remain between a female and her physician- with input from friends and or family if desired.  Right now- lawyers and judges have been added to this discussion.  

Q: I have heard that liberals want to "Defund the Police."  Will this be one of your goals if you become an Arizona State Senator?

A: As much as I hate getting speeding tickets- I have no animosity towards the police.  I have no plans to reduce funding if I am elected to Arizona State Senate .  

Q: Do you support an open border?  I have heard that Democrats want the border to be completely open.  If you are elected to Arizona State Senate- will you "open" the borders?

A: Nobody wants an open border.  I do need to point out- the wall that was promised during the Trump era has been wildly unsuccessful.  The only way to curb illegal immigration is to prosecute the companies that hire them.