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Political Philosophy
Thomas Dugger for State Senate

Excessive polarization leads to inaction.  Tom feels consensus can be built by protecting the rights and values upon which our nation was founded.  He has a number of campaign goals in his bid for State Senate LD3

  • Freedom. We all have the right to life, liberty, conscience, free speech, and fair treatment.  The Constitution must be protected.  Bodily autonomy is a constitutional right.

  • Government Waste. Your tax dollars are being used to pay for voter machines destroyed by Cyber Ninjas.  I would run out of room if I made a list of everything they have done that Arizonans would NOT agree with.

  • Rule of Law.  Justice should administered equally and impartially to all.  Nobody is above the law.

  • Strength. Society must be defended against all attacks- including Cyber Attacks.

  • Fiscal Responsibility.  Thomas has extensive experience in creating effective and efficient budgets.  Every bill I will propose will have a return on our investment.  I make people money, I will make our state money.

  • Promotion of Capital Development.  True competition remains the bedrock of the American economy.  In order to attract businesses to our state- Arizona needs to be appealing to educated families.  We need to improve our public school system.

  • Human Dignity. Every human being has inestimable worth.  

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