Family History

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The Dugger family arrived in North America in the 1740's.  Julius C. Dugger served as a soldier in the Revolutionary war.  He continued to serve- fighting in the war of 1812, accompanied by his sons John and Abel.   Tom's three daughters are eligible to join Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Addison Monroe Dugger, fought for the Union during the Civil War.  He enlisted on December 3, 1863 in CO I, 4th Arkansas Reg. CAV as a musician.  Per family legend- he continued to play during one battle as shells were falling. 

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Col. James P. Boyd of Illinois served under General Ulysses S. Grant.  He led his men at the battle of Vicksburg in the face of heavy artillery.  He suffered a wound during the course of the battle.  When he ultimately passed- an autopsy was performed and it was discovered that the wound had not been managed properly when he was initially treated.  There was cloth from his uniform- still present.  Prior to his death he remained as active as physically possible.  There are newspaper records describing a speech he delivered to a large crowd in New Orleans on August 5, 1867.   "The old times have passed away, and slavery has been stamped out by the iron hooves of the war horse."

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Tom's maternal great grandfather, Joseph Patrick Burns, served bravely as a New York City police officer.  He later joined other family members, working in the engineering field.  Per family legend, Tom's great grandfather proposed an idea that would allow ships to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes- via a series of locks and channels.  Sadly- his idea was rejected.  Later- the Saint Lawrence Seaway was developed. 

Joseph Patrick Burns pictured with his horse in New York City
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Jim Dugger, Tom’s grandfather, was a soldier in World War II.  Army trainees were often organized in alphabetical order.  Jim Dugger became fast friends with the person immediately after him.  When the soldiers were loaded onto transport ships- Jim was the last person onto his ship.  His friend was the first person on the following ship.  Jim's ship proceeded to Europe while the ship his friend boarded, was attacked by German submarines.  Destiny was determined by the order of letters in the alphabet. 

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Robert McNamara designated a group of exceptional young men to help with World War II strategies and tactics.  The group was often referred to as "McNamara's Whiz Kids."  Thomas Nicholson, Tom's maternal grandfather and namesake, was able to perform intricate calculations, without the aid of a pen and paper.  In the era before broad adoption of computers- this was a necessary skill.  Per family legend- he was the most intelligent service man for several years.  After the war- he had careers in both real estate and accounting.  

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Tom's father, Jack Dugger, worked on the Star Wars Defense Initiative. He wrote the first Range Safety program for testing SDI missiles at the White Sands Missile range.  Later, this program was used to destroy 19 malfunctioning Sprint Missiles, en route to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The program was later used in Kwajalein to protect islands in the South Pacific.  He is a retired Deacon from the Paterson Diocese in NJ.

LTJG William Milton, Tom’s Father-in-Law, served during the Vietnam War as Nuclear Weapons Officer and Deck Officer on the USS Shasta, an ammunition ship.  In September 1969 he was assigned to a guided missile destroyer, the USS Farragut.   While on the USS Farragut-  he was a Legal Officer and a Personnel Officer.  He was in charge of the ship's office. 

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Julia Dugger, Tom’s Mother, is a Christian writer.  She has published numerous pamphlets- one of which, "30 Questions About the Mass," was a best-seller.  Books published include Living Advent.  She has also published poetry, has contributed to teachers' manuals, and has  produced press releases.

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