Thomas Dugger for Arizona State Senate


The race for State Senate in Arizona is of utmost importance.  Republicans used to argue for "trickle down economics" while Democrats were proponents of big government.  The News was, well, The News.     The landscape is very different right now.  The country is divided, something made increasingly worse through social media and what is now referred to as "The News."  An insurrection at the capitol is being minimized and The Big Lie propagated.  False information and "Fake News" abound.  Voter suppression laws are being pushed.  Roe v Wade was overturned.  This is not Blue versus Red anymore.  If I am elected to Arizona State  Senate- I promise that I will work to bring both sides of the aisle together- so that we can move forwards towards a better future.  

If you would like to serve as a campaign volunteer as I run for Arizona State Senate, or, if you would like to make a tax deductible donation to my campaign- please contact use the "Donate" button, above.  The campaign email address is: thomasduggerforsenate@outlook.com

Thomas Dugger for State Senate