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The Stakes are High

According to a recent study- the current drought is the worst to affect his region in over a thousand years.    At least 40% of the decline in the water available from the Colorado River is attributable to climate change.  The southwestern United States is becoming hotter, drier, and less habitable.  Future weather conditions are impossible to predict with 100% accuracy.   However- if we consider the worst case scenario- Phoenix will become one of the world's least inhabitable places by the year 2060.  This problem concerns Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  If elected to State Senate in Arizona- Thomas will work hard to address the current water crisis.

One proposal is to repurpose fallow lands into solar fields.  This way farmers are not left with worthless land - instead they can make significant income from leasing their lands.  They can even make more than they did on crops.  This is already happening in Pinal County, and the results are clear.  Arizona could become the leader in solar energy and produce enough electricity to power the entire country.  This also solves the water issue - 80% of the water required in Arizona goes to Agriculture.   Pollution levels across the country will drop.  Everybody wins.

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Investing in our Future

In 2021, WalletHub compared school systems in all 50 states, in addition to the District of Columbia.   Arizona ranked number 49 out of 51 in Quality. The latter was determined by a number of factors including test scores, dropout rates, pupil to teacher ratios, and the number of certified or licensed teachers.  Arizona had the third worst dropout rate and the highest pupil to teacher ratio.  


Increased funding for schools will inevitably result in higher quality education.  There are the immediate, obvious benefits to the children attending public schools in Arizona.  Higher rankings will attract more people, and more businesses, to this state.  This will dramatically increase the tax base, allowing us to get a return on our investment.  If elected to Arizona State Senate - Thomas will work hard on education.  

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