Thomas Dugger

Arizona State Senate LD3

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Women's Rights - Bodily autonomy must be protected.  Thomas Dugger is the only candidate in your district who believes that women’s health should be managed by women and their doctors. Arizona's abortion ban will create unintended consequences that are dangerous for women and could put their doctors in jail. The law currently on the books dates back to 1864 - a time before Arizona was even a STATE. The attorney general's decision to use this law is reckless and must be overturned.


Schools - Our public schools are ranked 49th in the country.  We need to drastically improve this.  Many corporations avoid bringing their high-paying jobs to Arizona because their workers want their children to attend high quality schools.  To attract these companies and prepare our children for these jobs, we must improve our education system through investment and innovation.  This investment will pay for itself with the influx of corporations and skilled workers.


Water - Our Republican-run government has refused to address our water issues.  In fact, they have rented out our land to Saudi Arabia, with no groundwater restrictions, for just $50 per acre.  Saudi Arabia, the country responsible for 9/11, has depleted their own aquifers and are now using up ours to grow alfalfa.  It is estimated that they are pulling over 4 million dollars of water out of our aquifers per year - FREE OF CHARGE.  We need sensible regulations on ground water at the state level.

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Thomas Dugger has a plan to fight inflation at the state level.  Thomas has over 30 years of experience in finance and understands that low supply and high demand is the main force driving up our prices.  His plan includes attracting corporations to Arizona with high-paying jobs, preventing price gouging, and increasing the housing supply to stabilize our housing market. To attract high-paying jobs and wealth to our state, he will support improvements to our education system and addressing our water issues.